payment Terms

All users of the site can pay their order online through the bank's online portal when ordering. Successful payment of the amount constitutes a definite registration of this payment for the order and does not need to be notified and the order is automatically sent to the preparatory and ordering stages.

How to Pay Online

Dear users, you can pay for your order using all acceleration bank cards. When paying online, you will be asked the following information that you will know about the success of your payment operations after you enter them and confirm payment.

  1. 16-digit card number
    This number is listed on the card of all banks.
  2. Internet Purchase or Second Password
    To pay online, you need to have your Dynamic Second Password (Internet Purchase Code) enabled beforehand.
  3. CVV2 code
    This code is a 3 or 4 digit number printed on the back or on credit cards and online payments is used as a security code.
  4. Expiration date
    The expiration date is also engraved on most bank cards. If there is no expiration date on your card, you can use 12 instead of month and 99 instead of expiration year.